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Three Reasons Mouse Infestations Can Recur

A mouse infestation is hard to deal with and stressful and a recurrence can take your stress to the next level. You may successfully handle a simple mouse issue on your own, but mice may keep coming back. Does this have to do with the DIY mice control method you use? What attracts mice to your house that makes them return? If you are wondering, why you always get a mouse infestation, you haven’t probably considered professional mice pest control near me. The following are the reasons a mouse infestation can recur:

Mice Tend to Reproduce Quickly

A mouse issue can spread quickly as a mouse population can increase rapidly. Also, mice can breed from a young age. Did you know that a female mouse can give birth to 35 pups in a year? This means this mouse can birth up to 6 pups every 25-36 days. When these pups are around 6-8 weeks old, they can begin to mate and reproduce. 

You are Inviting Mice Back

No matter how clean your house may be, you can still have a recurring mouse infestation. You may inadvertently invite these rodents onto your property. For instance, you may leave pet food outside. Rodents will raid kibble left in food bowls and feeders. Also, a non-pest-proof bird feeder can invade mice onto your property. Mice use their sharp claws for scaling bird feeders you place on a pole or climbing down onto a feeder that does not have a baffle. 

If your house has unsealed gaps or holes, you may invite mice to enter your home. The same can happen if you leave your doors and windows open. Mice can scale your home’s wall or jump from a tree if they can find an open window in the level of your house. In addition, if you keep foods in non-air-tight packages, mice can attack them in no time. 

Your Store-Bought Treatment Does Not Fix the Underlying Problem

Although you can use baited traps to catch some mice or poison them to minimize their numbers, this is just a temporary fix. The reason is that these methods do not solve what draws mice to your home and how these rodents are getting into your house. 

Again, mice can breed fast, so not knowing how to effectively control their numbers can result in the population getting out of hand. That is why you should hire a pest control expert to handle the problem for you. Expert rodent control services can save money, time, and stress over time.