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Warning Signs of Roof Rats In Your Home

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Roof rats are often black rats. Notorious for their ability to transmit the bubonic plague to Europe, they are among the most successful and common species globally, occupying every area where humans live.

As the name suggests, roof rats construct their nests in attics. They are a specific type of rat that has adjusted to the kind of life that humans are living amid this desert. If you spot signs of rats in your home, consider contacting a pest control company in Tumwater, Washington

Signs Of Roof Rats In Your Home

There are many ways for roof rats to get to new homes. Rats are most energetic in the colder months of the year and can reach 200–300 feet at night, according to University of Arizona researchers. Like other rodents, roof rats prefer to remain hidden during the day’s heat and light and are most active around dawn and sunset.

When roof rats leave their refuge in the evening to find food, most homeowners see them. As stated by their name, these animals are skilled at traveling high up. They are capable of climbing brick and stucco and sticking to electricity lines. When they reach there, they can pass through any nickel-seized opening or bigger to enter homes. 

pest control
pest control

Are roof rats pose a danger?

Maybe yes. Roof rats are famous disease-carrying rodents. Some of the deadliest and most notorious disease outbreaks in human history have been connected to black rats: all through the Middle Ages, millions of people died, and history changed when black rats, brought by ships, carried the bubonic plague virus to new cities.

They can also contain a number of other hazardous diseases. Typhus, salmonellosis, jaundice, and rat-bite fever are a few examples of this. Humans can get these diseases by coming into contact with waste products, urine, fleas that they carry, or—as you may have guessed—bite injuries.

Even in the unlikely scenario that you see a rat, there may be other obvious signs of roof rats around. A few things that you need to be mindful of are outlined below:

  • Half-eaten, fallen fruit:

Look at the dropping fruit if there are citrus trees on your property. Rats are probably munching on the fruit if it has been consumed or hollowed out. By looking out for such signs, you can easily recognize it as the job of a rat.

  • Strange sounds in the attic:

Sometimes, you will hear noises coming from the nests of roof rats in your attic. In the silence of the night, pay careful attention. Roof rats may be the cause of any squeaking or scratching noises coming from your attic. By paying close attention to confirm the rats’ existence in the house, it will be easier for you to look for a solution as early as possible.

  • Odd pet behavior:

A more in-depth check-up might be needed if your dogs or cats are acting improperly, especially when they reach the ceiling. In general, our pets are able to identify the sounds or scent of roof rats much quicker than we do.

If you are struggling with rat infestation, ensure to get in touch with a pest control company!