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Ways You Can Use To Eliminate Mice In Your Home

Mice, due to their small size, can fit through tight spaces. Therefore, it’s important to seal cracks, even those as small as 1/4 of an inch. Knowing where mice like to reside can make eliminating them from your house easier. Their presence is often indicated by the black fecal pellets they leave behind. Ensure that food is stored in inedible containers and kept away from these areas. Once you know where the mice are hiding, try using one of the following methods. Additionally, for assistance with pest-related issues, consider reaching out to a specialized service known for Pest Control in Algonquin.

Ways to Eliminate Mice in Your Home

While consulting a professional is always recommended, you can try these simple home remedies in the meantime:

  • Get a Pet Cat: Acquiring a cat can be an effective way to deter mice, assuming no one in your household is allergic to cats. Alternatively, scattering cat litter in areas frequented by mice can act as a deterrent. Ensure that children cannot access the cat litter.
  • Use Essential Oils: Mice are repelled by the strong scents of clove and peppermint oils. Place cotton balls soaked in these oils in areas attractive to mice, such as cupboards and near front doors. This method can be more effective when combined with other techniques.
  • Set Humane Traps: Humane traps keep mice alive, allowing you to release them. Set these traps in areas with high mouse activity and check them each morning. Entice mice with treats like cheese, buttered popcorn, or peanut butter, and release any captured mice at least a mile from your home.
  • Try a Hot Pepper Solution: Instead of poisonous baits, consider a non-toxic approach like a hot pepper solution. Spray it in areas where mice congregate but out of reach of children and pets.
  • Use Steel Wool to Block Small Spaces: Fill small openings with steel wool, a material difficult and unpleasant for mice to chew through.
  • Create Barriers with Duct Tape: Seal mice’s preferred entry points, such as around pipes under the sink or behind cabinets, using duct tape.

These humane methods can help eliminate the chances of a mice infestation in your home.