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Converting a Regular Swimming Pool Into an Infinity Edge Pool

Do you want a luxury infinity pool with an amazing view? This doesn’t mean you have to destroy your current pool! This guide will show you how to transform a regular swimming pool into an infinity-edge oasis. Your backyard can be the envy of your neighborhood with the right planning and expertise.

Step 1: Assessment & Planning

Before you start, take a good look at your pool and the area around it. Check if the layout and

view are suitable for an infinity edge. The best settings often include a nice view and a background that adds to the infinity effect.

Step 2: Design Your Dream Infinity Edge

Talk to a professional architect or designer to help create a pool design that matches what you have in mind. Choose the right materials, colors, and layout for the perfect infinity edge.

Step 3: Structure Evaluation

Make sure your pool is structurally sound. Structural engineers will check if your pool and the surrounding area can handle the changes needed for an infinity edge. Safety and stability might require additional support and alterations.

Step 4: Catch Basin Installation

The catch basin is crucial for an infinity edge pool. It collects overflowing water and circulates it back into the main pool. Professionals will build it under the infinity edge for seamless integration.

Step 5: Water Level Adjustment

You might need to adjust the water level in your pool to get the perfect effect. The adjustment will depend on your pool’s design and location, ensuring the water flows smoothly over the edge.

Step 6: Construction of the Infinity Edge

The infinity edge is the star. It’s usually built on the side with the best view, creating the illusion of water flowing endlessly to the horizon. It’s a mesmerizing effect.

Step 7: Adapt Your Water Circulation System

Modify your pool’s circulation and filtration system to accommodate water flowing from the catch basin back into the main pool. This ensures a smooth and continuous flow.

Step 8: Enhance the Aesthetics

Choose materials and finishes that match your vision. Tiles, coping, and other elements can enhance the visual appeal of your infinity edge pool, creating a harmonious appearance.

Step 9: Compliance & Permits

Don’t forget to get any necessary permits and follow local building codes. It’s crucial to comply with regulations when converting a standard pool into an infinity-edge pool.

Step 10: Landscaping Elegance

Consider landscaping around your pool’s infinity edge to enhance its aesthetics. Thoughtfully chosen greenery and outdoor furniture can improve the overall atmosphere.

Step 11: Continued Maintenance

Infinity edge pools need special maintenance to keep the water level and the illusion of water flowing over the edge. Regular maintenance ensures your pool remains a focal point in your backyard.

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