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New Year New Patio: How Much Does a Concrete Patio Cost?

If your New Year’s Resolution is to make big changes, why not start with your outdoor space? Contrary to popular belief, a new patio won’t break the bank and can be a fantastic investment in the fun you’ll have with family and friends.

Why Choose Concrete?

Concrete patios bring several benefits compared to traditional decks. Here’s why:

1. Greater Landscaping Creativity:

Unlike decks, concrete patios offer more flexibility in shaping your backyard.

Ground-level patios can extend a bit further, providing added privacy.

2. Low Maintenance:

Concrete requires less maintenance compared to wood decks.

It’s durable, needing occasional cleaning or relying on rain to do the job.

Concrete Patio Costs

The cost of a concrete patio depends on various factors, mainly the size and complexity of the project. Here’s a breakdown:

1. Size, Shape, Thickness, and Pattern:

These factors affect the overall cost, with prices ranging from $8 to $15 per square foot.

2. Materials:

The cost includes concrete, screws, lumber for the sub-base, gravel, an edging trowel, and concrete sealant.

3. Customization:

The type of patio, staining, multi-levels, staircases, and specific designs impact the final cost.

A custom-designed patio may increase the overall budget.

Cesar’s Concrete – Your Patio Solution

Cesar’s Concrete is here to bring your patio vision to life within your specifications and budget. With our expertise, you can enjoy a new outdoor space without breaking the bank.

Invest in your home and make 2024 the year of your stunning new concrete patio!

This post was written by a professional at Cesar’s Concrete. Cesar’s Concrete was created after our owner saw the need for a new breed of Colorado Concrete Company in the industry – one that operates with strong moral principles and knows the ins and outs of the business; ensuring customers a beautiful, lasting project.